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Welcome to Senshi Galaxy! v 4.3

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Welcome to the Senshi Galaxy! If you're a first timer here, you're in for a great Sailor Moon Experience! If you look at the menu above you will see the links to the different areas of the site. There is a lot to do here and we are going to add more! Please refer to my site policies regarding my rules on image/information taking. If there are any other questions please refer to the FAQ page before e-mailing me. Thanks. :) Also at the bottom of the page are a couple of the best sites in addition to what's on the link page.

New News

Well, Senshi Galaxy has done it! We have topped 10,000 visitors! I promised you all a special version of Senshi Galaxy, and here it is! I hope you like it. I do. Galaxia was the inspiration of my site in the first place, and with her off set on a galaxy...I knew this was the layout to go with. I would like to thank Lycentia for the inspiration behind it. With out a little of her assistance, this whole thing wouldn't have been possible.

For those of you returning here. There are some new sections as you can see. I get a ton of e-mail asking me about myself and the things that I like to do, ect. Well, I have posted a small autobiograph(inclusive on that page is what I find to be a good site, a.k.a Site Tips for those of you that need a little help!) and an interview of me by a friend.

Also posted, if you didn't read the first section of the page, I have posted a couple other pages in addition to my personal pages. These pages are my site rules, FAQ, and news. These pages will help you keep up with Senshi Galaxy. Please refer to these new pages before e-mailing me. I love all of you but I don't have enough time to answer all my mail!! ^.^;;

Site Information

Senshi Galaxy ©1998-2002 is the sole property of Lil J-chan and therefore all graphics and information contained herein are her property. Sailor Moon is the property of Naoko Takeuchi and others and J-chan does not claim her works. Any coninciences with other sites is purely unintentional.

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