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       Haruka Tenoh is the strongest and the most masculine of the Senshi.  Haruka's sex is a big issue in her life.  In the SuperS Series the only way to know she is female is the pair of earings that she wears.  She is always refered to as the "boyfriend" or as the Race Car driver.
           Haruka is more talented than she's given credit for.  She can play the piano like a master and sometimes accopanies Michiru on stage.  Haruka is also a player in Track and Feild, seen in the StarS as the coach of the team.  Haruka's real talents lie with driving.  She loves to go fast at all times.  She drives a Ferrari 521M, in blue nonetheless.  She really likes to fly her helicopter the Tenoh Maru which was purchased through the profits she gained from her Bank in the Delta.
          Haruka and Michiru share a passion like Bunny and Darien do.  They are very much in love and share the relationship problems that most of us do.  They, like Bunny and Darien, are soulmates, they're also a team.  One thing that annoys Haruka about the relationship is all of Michiru's admirers.
          Sailor Uranus appears before the inner Senshi, knowing of the pending evil.  As does Sailor Neptune. Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune don't want to be part of the Senshi, they just want to complete the mission that they were given.  They were given the mission to prevent the awakening of Sailor Saturn, the Senshi of Destruction, the bringer of death and the end of the world.
          Sailor Uranus appeared to the Senshi first dressed in a Tuxedo, the Male Sailor Soldier form.  Sailor Uranus has the ability to be a male and a female, with both strengths, when she transforms.  Her male appearance to the Senshi would be the first and the last that we see of the Male Uranus.  Sailor Uranus sticks mostly with her female transformation in order to fit in more.
          Sailor Uranus is the strongest of the Senshi in terms of physical combat.  Her powers lie with the wind and the Earth that deliver deadly effects that compare to Sailor Moon herself.  Sailor Uranus' strongest attacks are made with the Space Sword.  The Space Sword is one of the three talismans that when activated resurrects Sailor Saturn and hails the end of life in our Solar System.
          Sailor Uranus and Haruka struggle with Bunny and Sailor Moon.  Little discussed in other profiles, Haruka is in love with Bunny.  She knows that nothing could ever happen because she has her soulmate and Bunny has hers.  The love stems from Bunny's innocence and kindness even though Haruka was awful to her.