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Interview conducted by Tina

This is a little page that a friend of mine thought would be interesting to place on the site. I asked a few of you who have e-mailed me and the responce was positive on the idea. Here it is:

Tina: When did you start building Senshi Galaxy? Give us some background.

Lil J-chan: I started about 4 years 4 months ago. I fell in love with Sailor Moon anime, saw all the pages on the internet, and decided that I wanted to have a page of my own. It started out being hosted by AOL, then Angelfire, and finally Tripod. It started out as an anime site, but then someone gave me Volume #5 of the manga and I switched it to an all manga site. Senshi Galaxy started out as Jessica's Sailor Moon Anime Corner, then changed to Manga Corner when I started reading the Graphic novels. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Galaxy came after some thought about the site. Everything had to do with Stars and Planets and it just made sense to me. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon was what I added to the front...I didn't want it to be just "The Galaxy." Finally, at the beginning of this year when my site went active again, a friend e-mailed me and refered to the site just as "Senshi Galaxy." I liked it and have stuck with it. The site started off as a few images and profiles of the inner senshi...but now look! ::laughs::

Tina: How did you fall "in love" with Sailor Moon"?

Lil J-chan: It started on a rainy afternoon, when I was still in highschool, I got really sick and stayed home. There was nothing on the TV and I didn't watch a movie. So I decided to channel surf...then I hit channel 51, which is Cartoon Network. They were airing the 17 missing episodes in order that one day. Like I said, there wasn't anything better on, I'm not into soaps, so I watched it. I clearly remember thinking, "I can't believe I have to watch this!" But, by the end of the mini marathon, I was hooked and still am. The manga came later. Some one bought me Volume #5, the same place in the story where I had been hooked by the TV show! It was really odd. I read it...and read it....and read it. Then I was up at Barnes and Noble every week ordering 1 or two volumes.

Tina: When you decided to build a site, did you know it would be this much work?

Lil J-chan: I anticipated it to be a lot of work, but I didn't think that I would work on my site as much as a part time job! I was really blind going into site building. I knew the basics of HTML and applied it. But then I started getting more advanced and professional and it took up a good chunk of my life.

Tina: Do you think that all your work pays off?

Lil J-chan: Yes...yes, definitely. I get e-mails all the time telling me my site is so good and it sticks with the beauty of Sailor Moon and the essence of the story. Getting those e-mails is what makes it all good. I can spend hours a week on my site, hate it more than anything, but when someone e-mails me with praise, I get over how hard it is and work harder! I did this for me in the beginning and now do it for the viewers.

Tina: You said "the essence". What is that?

Lil J-chan: Love. The story of Sailor Moon is love. Defending love, falling in love, being in love, finding the good in the bad. It's also about triumph. Learning to overcome your situation and your limits, and do something good in the process.

Tina: What's with this crazy layout?

Lil J-chan: ::laughs:: It's a rather long story. I'll shorten it as best as possible. I loved the story behind Galaxia. Galaxia was seduced by Chaos, Sailor Moon saved Galaxia from Chaos, and she became good again. I loved that Sailor Moon could see that deep down she wasn't evil, just in pain. So having her on the site was going to be a sooner or later thing. But when I was designing this layout, I found this picture to be perfect. Sailor Moon, Galaxia, and a galaxy. It was perfect.

Tina: But isn't there a reason for this layout?

Lil J-chan: Yes, the site has topped 10,000 visitors. I wanted to celebrate but my family doesn't like that I spend most of my time on my site, so this is my way of celebrating.

Tina: Anything else you want to say?

Lil J-chan: I guess that the last thing to say is, when you find something you like, like Sailor Moon, no matter how dorky, don't let anyone critsize you for it. Be yourself, you know? Just be yourself.