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The Manga

TokyoPop and Mixx are the combined force behind the publishing of the English-translated Sailor Moon. Fortuneatley all 18 volumes have been published and are ready for purchase. You can find the link for shops on the home page. Most of the sites sell both kinds of Sailor Moon so you'll come across some anime too.

Vol. 1 This Volume is the series opener, introducing Bunny and her Family, Amy, Raye, Lita, Luna, and Darien. Act One consists of Luna introducing Bunny into her fate as Sailor Moon and the presence of the Enemy. It also gives way to Tuxedo Mask. Act Two brings in Amy and her fate as Sailor Mercury. Act three brings in Raye and Sailor Mars. Act four is focused on Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask acting together, also sets the scene for the romance, shows only a bit of Lita. Act Five introduces Lita and her fate as Sailor Jupiter. Also crowns Sailor Moon as the leader.

Vol. 2 This Volume introduces Mina, The Princess, The Prince, and Artemis. Act One Shows more of Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon working as a team. Act Two reveals that Darien is our Masked hero. Also brings in Sailor Venus and her masqurade as the Moon Princess. Act three, Mina gives the scouts part of their memory and they get to know their "princess" better. Tragedy strikes and leads into Act Four. Sailor Moon becomes the real princess, gains her memory and unlocks the crystal. Bunny's body starts to change and Luna and Artemis prepare to send them to the moon.

Vol. 3 This volume is focused on the development of the scouts and the link from past life to present life. Act one is primarily focused on Serena's loss of Darien and her past life as the Moon Princess. Act Two brings in "Endo", the evil Darien, brain washed by the enemy. This act also shows how grieved Serena is over Darien and faces the fact that only in Death will they be released from pain. Act three, Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter must sacrafice themselves in order to save Serena and Darien. The two survive and prepare to face the enemy Boss.

Vol. 4 This volume introduces Rini and the Black Moon. Serena defeats the boss and revives the world. Things go back to "normal" then Rini comes and the Black Moon invades. The Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter all get kidnapped and Mina and Serena are becoming agrravated.

Vol. 5 King Endymion, Diana, Pluto, and Neo Queen Serenitiy come into the scene. Bunny, Darien, Mina, Luna, and Artemis all follow Rini back to the 30th Century to save "mama". Sailor Pluto comes into the scene. The truth about Rini's identity becomes apparent. The black moon attacks Sailor Moon directly.

Vol. 6 Coming Soon Sailor Moon gets taken to the Castle on Nemisis and learns the motivation behind the Black Moon's attacks. Rini begins to doubt herself and transforms into Wicked Lady. Darien gets brainwashed (again). Serena recieves power from Queen Serenity and saves Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. Wicked Lady steals the Imperium Crystal from Sailor Moon and threatens to put them together.

Vol. 7 Sailor Pluto dies to save the universe. Wicked Lady becomes Sailor Chibi Moon. Sailor Moon faces off with Nemisis. The scouts recieve cosmic power and go home. Haruka and Michiru are introduced and a new enemy comes. Hotaru also is introduced.

Vol. 8 The enemy begins to seek out hoste in humans using the Infinity college as a mask. The motives behind the enemy is revealed. Uranus and Neptune are introduced. Serena figures out their identities. Sailor Pluto, Setsuna, enters the picture.

Vol. 9 The Outer Senshi tells the Inner Senshi that they want nothing to do with them and decide to fight alone. The Death Busters turn the Inner Senshi on the Outer Senshi and visa versa. Sailor Moon begs for them not to fight and forms the Holy Grail. They try to kill Hotaru who then becomes Mistress Ninhe. Mistress Nine takes Rini's Silver Imperium Crystal and kills her. Hotaru's soul rips apart Mistress Nine and sends Rini's soul back to her body.

Vol. 10 Sailor Moon dives into Pharoh 90 and aparently kills herself. Sailor Saturn is resurected and hails the destruction of Earth. She destroys everything but her fellow Scouts. Sailor Moon is "resurected" and becomes a messiah and in the prosess revives Earth and kills Pharoh 90. Hotaru's body is transformed to a baby, the Outer Senshi decide to take her away.

Vol. 11 This is basically a bounus Volume. It introduces Kaguya(never read this volume), the Ice Queen. Also in this volume, Luna falls inlove with a human. She becomes human just to see him once like she wants him to see her.

Vol. 12 This starts the SuperS. The Amazon Trio, the Amazon Quartet, and the Dead Moon Circus. It shows the difficulty that the scouts run into while trying to transform and their path to self discovery.

Vol. 13 This is pretty much like #12. There are some bonus chapters in the back.

Vol. 14 The Outer Senshi are back and kicking butt while their at it. Sailor Moon and Darien become too weak to fight because of their sickness.

Vol. 15 The Dead Moon is defeated. The Amazon Quartet are unbound from their spell and become the Amazon Senshi. Elysion is revived.

Vol. 16 The introduction to the StarS and the Starlights. The inner Senshi, Tuxedo Mask, Pluto, and Saturn are all killed.

Vol. 17 The Starlightsdecide to protect Sailor Moon but they end up dying anyways. So does Uranus and Neptune. Kakyu, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Chibi-Chibi must got at Galaxia alone.

Vol 18 Kakyuu dies. Sailor Chibi Moon and her court come and help Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon must face off against the ressurected but brainwashed Senshi. She kills herself inorder to seal away Chaos. All the lost scouts are revived and sent back. Serena and Darien get married.