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Other Manga

So this is the other manga section. What is it's pourpose here on the Senshi Galaxy? It's here to help interest you in mangas other than Sailor Moon. The last issue of Sailor Moon was published last year, I think...sad, yes? Currently I'm expanding my collection of manga for this section. I'm trying to get something for every one, that way no one person is left out and someone is bound to find something they like.

Mars is the first. I got this one in the middle of June and let me tell you...I'm glued. It's a star-crossed teen romance that will have any lady hooked. The lovers are Rei and Kira. They are as opposite as you could get but hopelessly smitten for one another...PICK THIS UP!!! I'm telling you it's a great Manga. Not just the story but the art is amazing. I could stare at it all day simply because of the art. Current up date on this manga: I just got the second volume and it just keeps getting better. I won't spoil it for you but you need to get this. Any softy will love this! I know I do. ^.^

Planet Ladder: It's about and alien princess that grew up here on earth and now forces are trying to take her away. It's actually really good. The art is magnificent. I've created the first American dedication site. There you can be informed more deeply of the series. This is part of Tokyo-Pop's 100% Manga. The site that's listed is my own personal site. I created that in the wee hours of the night. I love Planet Ladder so far and I'm sure that you will too.
Current update on this manga: Volume 2 has been produced and it is wonderful. Some of the questions that weren't answered in the first volume are answered in this one. It does leave some questions like most manga does when continuing to another volume. This also brings a little bit of the girly side into it. The first is very sci-fi. This one is sci-fi but with a woman's twist. It's beautiful.

The next one is Dragon Kights. This is the misadventures of Rath, Thatz, and Rune. Their mission: return the head of a powerful sorcerer. The problem: every demon, every witch, every bad guy is after it. Not to mention that the three of them don't get along very well.

X/1999 is about a boy that will determine the fate of the world and his journey. That's really all I can say about it. I've only read one volume and it's a little confusing. The art work, however, makes up for the confusing plot and character twists. I'm sure after reading more I'll get into the story and give you all a little more information. This manga is from the 4 woman team known only as CLAMP.

My favorite manga next to Sailor Moon has to be Oh, My Goddess!. The back of the first volume goes as follows. "Can a phone call change your life? This one quite possibly could! Keiichi is spending another Friday night alone in his dorm room plugged into the television, his greatest aspiration a double-cheese-pizza. When he misdials the delivery-join number and gets the goddess Belldandy instead, he's unknowingly bitten off much more than he can chew. Belldandy grants Keiichi a single wish, and he jokingly wishes for a beautiful goddess like her. But the joke's on him when he gets what he asked for!" It's funny, romantic, and some times has some good action in it. There are some missing parts so Vol #1 - #3 are being remastered. There is the monthly comic book so go find your nearest dealer.

Inu-Yasha has to be the funniest manga I've read in a while. A young school girl named Kagome, travels back in time to find out that she is the resuected priestess of some small villiage. Inu-Yasha, a half demon wakes when she comes. Why? Becuase she has a powerful jewel embedded in her body. When another demon attacks and rips the jewel from Kagome, the trouble's just begun because her only way to save herself is to release Inu-Yasha from a curse. I laughed so hard through most of it. This manga comes from the creator of Ranma 1/2.

Vampire Yui, ah, what can I say. I very dark manga surrounding vampires. This one is rather good. I usually don't like vampiric tales but I was pleasently suprised. If you're looking for Graphic Novels, save your breath...there is only two and one doesn't ship till September 2002. If you go to, you can purchase the monthly comic books and the two Graphic Novels. The story moves quickly with this one so I don't want to reveal to much. Yui is a half vampire that gets bitten and turned by Miyu. I haven't read all of this manga, but what I'm gathering is that Yui is the new guardian of the Shinma world. I love dark humor, I love action, I like mysticism, so if you do you'll like this too.

Vampire Miyu is what I'm getting into right now. It's the tales of Miyu, the Guardian of the Shinma world and her adventure to retrive stray shinma. This is from the same creator of Vampire Yui so it does move in the same way. This is the pre-Yui manga. It's dark, mythotical, and action packed.


Ceres is what is getting me hooked at the moment. I just picked it up today and it's addicting. Ive read it three times in 2 hours!! The story is about Aya and her twin brother, Aki. On her 16th birthday, Aya finds out that she is the incantation of an angel, and that Aki is the incantation of the man who stole her feathers and tricked her into marriage. Aki can help the family, he has the inner "want" to, but Aya will destroy the family because of her angelic blood. Aya must now flee the family that she loved and who is now trying to kill her. Like all good Shôjo manga, this has action, suspence, an underlying love story, and BEAUTIFUL dart work. I demand that if you're a true manga fan...go get this right now!!!!! This manga is by Yû Watase, she also did the one listed below.....

Fushigi Yûgi is probably one of the most unique manga's that I've picked up. This is about Miaka, a normal high school student who is sucked in by a mysitcal book along with her best friend Yui. Her only hope is to gather the celestial beings and summon Suzaku. What's unique about this is Miaka is not thin, she's "chubby". I like that, she's normal!!! I laughed through most of it. And like Ceres, it's action packed, and full of laughter and love. You'll enjoy this I promise.

Marmalade Boy is a love's odd. Miki's parents take a vacation and meet a couple. Mom falls in love with the guy, Dad falls in love with the woman. Things get weirder, they get divorced and the two couples live together. Things get even more weird when Miki starts to like her new stepbrother and I don't mean friendly. It's funny, sweet, sad, great. You have to get this if you like love stories. If not, avoid it.