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Sailor Mercury

Amy is considered the most intelligent of the Sailor Senshi. Her IQ has been measured well over 300. Michiru and Taiki are the only Senshi that would even dare to challenge her in a game of intelligence. Her intelligence is the core for her personality. Everyone thinks that she works too hard in her studies but she knows her hard work will pay off. Studying is her way of training to find a better way to protect the one’s that she loves.
Amy is consumed with the pursuit of intelligence. She tries to learn everything she can and it sometimes gets in the way of her friends. But they know she does it for good and they don't mind. She only applies rational thought to the things that go on around her and doesn't believe in fairytales and hokum.
Amy's power over water is in it's mastery levels. She can do dowsing without a dowsing crystal, finding water below ground or even people trapped in buildings or under the earth. This power comes only after she is awakened as a scout.
Amy struggles with the fact her parents are divorced. She hate's that she can only see her dad once a year, but figures it's better than never seeing him at all. Her father is a well respected painter who taught Amy early on to play chess, swim, and paint. Amy's mother is a top rated doctor at the crossroads hospital. Both of her parents earn a lot of money, but Amy never shows it off.
Amy dreams of one day becoming a doctor like her mom. Amy's heart calls her to do good and she feels being a doctor is the best way to show it. Amy secretly crushes on Darien(only for his intelligence) and Andy(only for his stunning good looks) but fronts that she'd like to marry someone like Albert Einstein. She chooses not to pursue love at the time, she must study so she can become a doctor! Plus, who has time for love when the world is in danger?!
Sailor Mercury is the second senshi to be discovered. She joins Sailor Moon in the initial mission to find the other Senshi and to defeat evil and accepts it when the mission changes. Sailor Mercury stays confident from mission to mission knowing that what she does is for the good of the world. Sailor Mercury also uses her intelligence to aid Luna in times of high stress and risk. Her intelligence also keeps the Senshi on their toes and ready for anything that might come at them.
Sailor Mercury is probably the weakest in physical state, but her small body and sharp reflexes can dodge attacks and help her get far enough to summon her own attacks. Sailor Mercury's power deals with water in it's frozen form. Her attacks are mostly to paralyze for a moment so Sailor Moon can deliver a deathblow.