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Sailor Moon, Serena, Princess Serenity, & Neo Queen Serentiy

Serena is your everyday clumsy lazy airhead right? Wrong. She's the Champion of Justice in a Sailor Suit. She doesn't realize that through her lazy exterior and airy behavior she's quite smart. She has succeeded at most everything that she puts her mind to. A quality that she had in the past and will need in the future if she is ever going to ascend the throne.
Serena, also known as Bunny, grows up through out the story. Going from a general waste of space to the earth's, and the moon's, finest treasure. When we first meet Serena she's constantly getting into trouble but over time she evolves into a normal person. Her heart and purpose are pure, she strives for peace and love. Her friends and Darien are the dearest things to her and she couldn't live a day without them. Her love for them runs so deep that when Galaxia takes their Sailor Crystals she goes into shock and suppresses the memories.
Bunny lives in Crossroads, not too far from Darien's flat, with Ikuko-mama, Kenji-papa, and Sammy. Rini and Chibi-Chibi come to live with her for brief periods of time to grow and to aid her in her quest and duty as Sailor Moon. Bunny also attends Crossroads junior high up until the SuperS series when she passes the highschool exam and starts to attend Crossroads High. Unlike Amy, who passed the test with an A, Bunny just passes. Amy, Raye, and Lita all think that there is some kind of mistake, how could Bunny pass?
Though Bunny wishes for world peace and love, her purest and most cherished dream is to spend the rest of her life with Darien and her friends. She fears losing her friends and family, her battle with evil is more to protect them than out of duty. Her strength hits it's peak when her friends lives are directly in harms way. This is more of a flaw than a trait because she will doubt herself so much that it at times takes one of them getting hurt to raise her strength.
Sailor Moon evolves a total of 5 times through out the whole series. Sailor Moon starts out as a low powered version of what is to come. She transforms with "Moon Prism Power," "Moon Crystal Power," "Moon Cosmic Power" "Moon Crisis Power," and "Silver Moon CrystaL Power."
In the past, Bunny was known as Serenity, Princess Serenity of the Moon Kingdom. At this point most profiles will mention her being betrothed to Prince Endymion, which is wrong. Serenity and Endymion fell in love in secret, behind the backs of the queen, their courts, and their people. Their love was outlawed, forbidden by the two worlds. Earth and the Moon thought that the other thought that they were better, which was not true. Little did anyone know, their love would bring an end to the Moon Kingdom. Endymion was slain by Beryl on the moon, and in grief Serenity drove the Holy Blade of the Moon through her heart. The Moon Court, the Inner Senshi, killed themselves along side her, grief striken. Queen Serenity, in a last act to help her daughter and those of her kindom, sent their souls to earth to be reborn and to reclaim the throne and keep the earth safe. 1000 years later when the earth was placed in danger again, Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity/Serena, her court, and her prince were awakened to ward off the evil.
Contrary to popular belief, Bunny really becomes the Queen when the palace is revived on the moon. Many people e-mail in and say that we are wrong, read through the manga again. ::smile:: Only when Darien's Golden Crystal awakens and he becomes King does Bunny finally assume the throne and become Queen.