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            So, you want to get you're fill of Sailor Moon stuff....or just general anime and manga?  Don't know where to look?  Look no further!!  I have what you need to know about purchasing everything Sailor Moon.  You might even run into some other anime that you like.  Also, below is a list of stuff you might want to pick up at these stores.

Best Store
          The best that I found is Anime Nation.  They have almost every , if not all, Sailor Moon Books avalible.  They also provide more than just Sailor Moon, but also hundreds of other titles.  They do provide import Manga for those of you who are searching for it.  They do provide the movies, episodes, and all sorts of periphreials.  There are also links to other sites, a chat forum, news, and contests.

Best Book Stores
          The best book stores that I found are Barnes and Noble and  Both sites carry all the Graphic Novels, Novels, Scout Guides, and at the right time of the year, they even carry the calandar.  They do carry the VHS & DVD's.  Barnes and Noble at one time kept some of the Sailor Moon soundtracks in stock.  I personally prefer Barnes and Noble, they are faster with their shipping and they take off a certain percent from the list price.  Also I have a Reader's Advantage Card so I get an additional 5% off.  All that money taken off almost covers shipping and handling.  ^.^

Best Auction Sites
          Without a blink of the eye, my top choice of Auction site is Ebay.  Their are litterally MILLIONS of users and MILLIONS of items for you to look at.  You can find anything from Sailor Moon.  You can also find "Code Name: Sailor V" there.  I personally purchased all my artbooks from Ebay.  See the next section to see the seller.  There is also, which is an Ebay site.  You purchase from Ebay users without the hassle of bidding.  I quite enjoy that.

Best Ebay Sailor Moon Seller
          The best Ebay Artbook seller has to be Jiang-No.  She buys the books direct from the Chinese distributer.  I bought all 5 books from her, they were in mint condition, came fast, and she had great communication with me.  She sells them at $25 with a "buy it now" sticker.  Shipping and Handling is $5 usually.  She lives in Canada so shipping time takes longer.

Shopping List
Sailor Moon Art Books