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July 12, 2K2 - Senshi Galaxy will close in 4 days.  On Wednesday, July 16 Senshi Galaxy will close for an extreme up date.
July 10, 2K2 - Senshi Galaxy will close for up to 1 week. Yup, I'm closing Senshi Galaxy for up to one week inorder to update.  I have made the layout promised and I'm almost ready to publish.  There will be a notice posted a week before then it will close down for the required time.  I hope you all understand and are patient.  I will work as hard as possible to get it back up in a timely fashion.
July 10, 2K2 - Cartoon Network Retracts Sailor Moon - They did it again!!!  Sailor Moon was taken off their list of programing, for how long is unknown.  I have sent a protest to Cartoon Network on the way they handled this.  I hope that it does some good.
July 8, 2K2 - WE HAVE HAD OVER 10,000 VISTORS!!!   I'm overly happy.  I never thought that 10,000 was possible.  I bearly broke 6,000 last, just past a half year, Senshi Galaxy has broke the 10,000 mark!  Thank you all for your support!  I'm going to make a special celebration layout for this great news!!!
June 26, 2K2 - Cartoon Network has brought back Sailor Moon.  That's right people, CN has done it.  They've started from the beginning and are working their way up.  It's on 3.5 Eastern/2.5 Central.  Be sure to catch it if you can...or just set your VCR to record.
June 14, 2K2 - Welcome to the Summer to Fall version of Senshi Galaxy!  I'm excited about this year, this makes it 4 years running!  I had to do two seasons in one layout term.  Sorry.  I have no time!  >.<'   This might become a permenent look to the site though.  I am actually pleased with this version.  I might up date the fonts and graphics but the general layout will stay the same.
         Also, the affiliates program I'm taking down.  I got a lot of spam mail because of that so I'm taking my email off most of the pages.  If I do recieve bad mail I will go and report that to your ISP.  I don't want to have to do that and I'm sure you don't want me to so don't send stupid stuff, okay?  So much for the news.  Get to lookin!

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